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  • TechoPhil Ltd. Products and Services
    License source code for data storage products
    Build your data storage product on top of Techophil source code,
    Save development cost,
    Save time to market, by 2 to 3 years,
    Develop better data storage products.

    Java advantage

    • Written in Java, fully object oriented
    • Easier to develop, maintain and add features
    • Better reliability (avoid bugs like memory leaks)
    • Integrated JDK leads to Fast testing cycle
    • Main components written in java:
      1. Storage node code
      2. GUI service tools
      3. Maintenance scripts
      4. Allows sharing code between components
    • Better behavior in exceptions
      • Java application > only one thread dies
        • C application > total crash
      • Allows auto recovery
        • Dead thread releases locks
        • Dead threads may re-start
      • Logs flushed to disk automatically
    • Extensive debug tools, see jewel-store tab

    Java is faster than c for storage applications

    • Java is faster than c or c++ for storage application
    • Many concurrent I/O
    • Very frequent thread swaps
    • Many Mutex and exclusive locks
    • Compute intensive (Prime): Same speed
    • Copy mem: Same speed
    • Tree/Hash/Queue intensive multi-threads: Java is faster
    • Objects New/Delete
      • Small objecs < 1000 bytes: Java is faster
      • Big objecs > 10000 bytes: Java is slower
    • Socket communication: Java is slower
    • Benchmark tests
      • java and c over Linux
      • Java and c over windows

    Main features of data storage

    • Raid 6 (mix of different raidGroup size)
    • Clone (snap) (Unlimited snaps and clone on clone)
    • Thin provisioning
    • Dual target
    • Multi initiator
    • Remote replication (RDF), Disaster recovery. (Needs to be completed)
    • Data migration (Getting data from old storage machines)
    • Support both magnetic disk drives, and solid state drives
    • Online upgrades
      • Code upgrade online
      • Add/Remove disk drive
      • Disk enclosure add, (but not remove)

    Enterprise data storage support

    • Support most types of host connection: FC, Iscsi, SAS, Infiniband
    • Fully redundant
    • Multi initiator to disk drives
    • Dual target to host
    • Battery protection
    • Block crc
    • Section CheckSum, for additional protection
    • Scale-able size, 1 to 8 Disk Enclosures in one rack
    • Most maintenance does not need scripts

    Fail over modes

    • Node fail: other nodes takes over
    • Disk fail: raid 6, recovery transparent to host
    • Host cable failure: Dual target, allows other path to node
    • Cable to disk enclosure failure: Multi initiator
    • Power fail: System shutdown, no data loss
    • Disk Enclosure fail: Machine shutdown, no data loss
    • Fail of nodes interconnect: Alternative path through other node

    Off the shelf hardware

    • 19" Rack
    • Rack mount SAS disk enclosures
    • Rack mount servers
    • SATA disk drives
    • 10 gig network between storage nodes
    • Host connection: Fiber Channel and Iscsi

    Machine maintenance and service

    • Remote maintenance and service
    • Call home (still missing)
    • Extensive debug tools
    • Script engine
    • Scripts for testing and maintenance

    Package includes

    • Most features of modern data storage system
    • One license to “Jewel store” source code, IP and know how
    • “Jewel store” Documentation
    • Training, presentations
    • Installation support
    • Support and upgrades
    • Onsite training

    Potential clients

    • Startups in the data-storage area
      • Startups with special-ideas in data-storage area
    • Mature companies
      • Renew product
      • Widen product line
    • Use jewel-store for standard data-storage services
    • Save 2-3 years in time-to-market, and development cost

    Buyer responsibility

    • Sign NDA with TechoPhil - “Non-Disclosure Agreement”
    • Hire team of developers and QA
    • Buy all the hardware (Rack mount servers, disk enclosures etc.)
    • Test and qualify the system
    • Market, Sell and support
    • Provide licenses for binary code, bundled with their products
    • Support its customers
    • Keep the licensed materials, secure and confidential

    Data storage license Price Strategy

    • One lump sum
    • Or Royalties per machine sold
    • Or Combination

    Beta sites

    • 3 machines run and tested in North America
    • Helped to stabilize, find and fix bugs
    • Helped to reveal needed missing features

    Speed benchmarks source code

    • https://github.com/shagam/benchmarkJava
    • https://github.com/shagam/benchmarkSocket
    • https://github.com/shagam/mppRunner
    • https://github.com/shagam/arg
    • https://github.com/shagam/garbageCollectionAnalyse

    Featured Services

    • We provide Cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, virtualization platform
    • Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services
    • Storage infrastructure
    • Virtualization
    • Enterprise storage solutions
    • Performance, flexibility and reliability necessary to support today's data intensive enterprises