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  • Data storage, License source code

    Build your data storage product on top of Techophil source code,
    Save development cost,
    Save time to market, by 2 to 3 years,
    Develop more reliable and faster data storage products.

    Evaluation and Student copy available (Non Commercial).


    Java advantage

    • Written in Java, fully object oriented
    • Easier to develop, maintain and add features
    • Better reliability (avoid bugs like memory leaks)
    • Integrated JDK leads to Fast testing cycle
    • Main components written in java:
      1. Storage node code
      2. GUI service tools
      3. Maintenance scripts
      4. Allows sharing code between components
    • Better behavior in exceptions
      • Java application > only one thread dies
        • C application > total crash
      • Allows auto recovery
        • Dead thread releases locks
        • Dead threads may re-start
      • Logs flushed to disk automatically
    • Extensive debug tools, see jewel-store tab

    Java is faster than c for storage applications

    • Java is faster than c or c++ for storage application
    • Many concurrent I/O
    • Very frequent thread swaps
    • Many Mutex and exclusive locks
    • Compute intensive (Prime): Same speed
    • Copy mem: Same speed
    • Tree/Hash/Queue intensive multi-threads: Java is faster
    • Objects New/Delete
      • Small objecs < 1000 bytes: Java is faster
      • Big objecs > 10000 bytes: Java is slower
    • Socket communication: Java is slower
    • Benchmark tests
      • java and c over Linux
      • Java and c over windows

    Main features of data storage

    • Raid 6 (mix of different raidGroup size)
    • Clone (snap) (Unlimited snaps and clone on clone)
    • Thin provisioning
    • Dual target
    • Multi initiator
    • Remote replication (RDF), Disaster recovery. (Needs to be completed)
    • Data migration (Getting data from old storage machines)
    • Support both magnetic disk drives, and solid state drives
    • Online upgrades
      • Code upgrade online
      • Add/Remove disk drive
      • Disk enclosure add, (but not remove)

    Enterprise data storage support

    • Support most types of host connection: FC, Iscsi, SAS, Infiniband
    • Fully redundant
    • Multi initiator to disk drives
    • Dual target to host
    • Battery protection
    • Block crc
    • Section CheckSum, for additional protection
    • Scale-able size, 1 to 8 Disk Enclosures in one rack
    • Most maintenance does not need scripts

    Fail over modes

    • Node fail: other nodes takes over
    • Disk fail: raid 6, recovery transparent to host
    • Host cable failure: Dual target, allows other path to node
    • Cable to disk enclosure failure: Multi initiator
    • Power fail: System shutdown, no data loss
    • Disk Enclosure fail: Machine shutdown, no data loss
    • Fail of nodes interconnect: Alternative path through other node

    Off the shelf hardware

    • 19" Rack
    • Rack mount SAS disk enclosures
    • Rack mount servers
    • SATA disk drives
    • 10 gig network between storage nodes
    • Host connection: Fiber Channel and Iscsi

    Machine maintenance and service

    • Remote maintenance and service
    • Call home (still missing)
    • Extensive debug tools
    • Script engine
    • Scripts for testing and maintenance

    Package includes

    • Most features of modern data storage system
    • One license to “Jewel store” source code, IP and know how
    • “Jewel store” Documentation
    • Training, presentations
    • Installation support
    • Support and upgrades
    • Onsite training

    Potential clients

    • Startups in the data-storage area
      • Startups with special-ideas in data-storage area
    • Mature companies
      • Renew product
      • Widen product line
    • Use jewel-store for standard data-storage services
    • Save 2-3 years in time-to-market, and development cost

    Buyer responsibility

    • Sign NDA with TechoPhil - “Non-Disclosure Agreement”
    • Hire team of developers and QA
    • Buy all the hardware (Rack mount servers, disk enclosures etc.)
    • Test and qualify the system
    • Market, Sell and support
    • Provide licenses for binary code, bundled with their products
    • Support its customers
    • Keep the licensed materials, secure and confidential

    Data storage license Price Strategy

    • One lump sum
    • Or Royalties per machine sold
    • Or Combination

    Beta sites

    • 3 machines run and tested in North America
    • Helped to stabilize, find and fix bugs
    • Helped to reveal needed missing features

    Speed benchmarks source code

    • https://github.com/shagam/benchmarkJava
    • https://github.com/shagam/benchmarkSocket
    • https://github.com/shagam/mppRunner
    • https://github.com/shagam/arg
    • https://github.com/shagam/garbageCollectionAnalyse

    Featured Services

    • We provide Cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, virtualization platform
    • Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services
    • Storage infrastructure
    • Virtualization
    • Enterprise storage solutions
    • Performance, flexibility and reliability necessary to support today's data intensive enterprises