Logger and grepMerge‏

The logger is the main debug tool of jewel-store

Each storage node logs events in separate files.

The logged data is kept on storage node local disk.

Logged data are zipped, about 1:13  zip factor

The events are spread in important places in the code.

Each event contain a group of name=<value> ....

if (Logg.isLogIo()) {

String txt = (P.rjob) + rjob + (P.dv) + diskNum + (P.strip) + sectionNum + (P.member) + member + (P.blkOffs) + blockStart + (P.blkCnt) + blockCount + (P.pattern) + pattern;

Logg.log_string (Event.writePattern, txt);


GrepMerge selects the relevant lines and merge sort according to time.

The diagram shows result of grepMerge of job=86431,

Raid write with rebuild.

Events are are collected from node0 and node1

The multi color search tool, is used in case the log analysis, is complex.


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